give a fresh mind to sleep

What are the five simple exercises for good sleeping?

Working out every day will do a good strength and also a fresh mind to your body. In another way, it will also give you a good sleep at the end of the day. Making use of the best exercise before you go to sleep is very important so that your body will get completely relaxed from the stress that is inside your mind. There are a lot of simple exercises for good sleeping to know few among them you can continue reading this article and you can even make use of them which will tune your body into a different level.


leg raiseYou can make use of the crunch which will give you good sleep matters while doing this type of exercise will give a little pain to your body but that is the main source where you will get good sleep. Make sure that you are on the earth’s flat surface before you make use of the exercise.

Leg raise

You need to lift your legs at a particular angle which will be beneficial for your tummy as well as your thigh region. You can even raise your legs at any angle you want but you need to continue them from their own without changing them adequately.


You can make use of the side planks which will give a good effect on your body and when you list back to your normal stage this will give you good sleep without making your body gets completely stressed over something. This plank will be of different types and you can make use one among them in a continuous way.


You just need to lie down and curl your body to your left and your right side so that this will give good flexibility to your body and also give you a good sleep.


At the final stage of the exercise, you need to lie down without giving any kind of stress with your body and just breathe in and out in a full-fledged way. While you breathe in and out you will be able to feel the pressure getting inside your body and this will give a fresh mind to sleep.

Bottom line

These are some of the important exercises before bed and you can practice it before you get into your nap. Before you make use of them you need to know about the role they play in your body and then you need to apply them.