What are the different types of exercise that are best for lower back pain?

Working for the whole day will bring you back pain so easily. You can overcome all this stress with the help of exercise. Practicing exercise as an everyday routine will be helpful for your body and also this will give you a good relief after making use of these kinds of exercises for your lower back pain. The exercises are best for lower back pain to get a clear idea about it and the different types of exercise that you can do are as follows.

Knee to chest

You first need to lie on a flat surface without having any spongy substance. You should relax for at least five counts before you start up an exercise. Now you need to lift your knee region to your chest which will give good flexibility and also you can feel the pain in your lower back getting relieved. You just need to repeat them continuously for about 30 counts and slowly you can increase them when you get used to it. You will be able to get the result in a short duration itself when you make use of this exercise.

pelvic tilt

Pelvic tilt

The next kind of exercise is in your pelvic region. Same as the like knee to the chest you need to lay on a flat surface then you need to lift your pelvic region along with the gluteus maximus. After lifting your pelvic region you need to tilt the left and right so that any sort of muscle spasm or pain will get relieved.

Side flexion

In this type of exercise, you need to do them in a standing position where you need to lower your body in the side position till your leg. This has the high ability to relieve the pain that is in your lower back region. You need to follow this exercise every day unless you get completely out from the pain.


Another way you can even make use of the lower backstretches, which will make all of your muscles to get tight, and target one of the lower back regions that are under pain.

Wrapping up

With the help of this article, you would have got some ideas about the different types of exercise that you can make use of to reduce your lower back pain in an easy way. You should not do them in a hard way at the beginning stages self you should gradually increase them in the future.