wavy cut

What are the different medium shag haircut ideas?

Making different types of haircut is highly possible for any kind of hair type. It is your responsibility to know which one will be the best suitable haircut for your face and also the structure of your face. If you do not have an idea about how to make the best haircut for your face then you can get some opinion from your friends or from the experts who are well versed in this particular field and by this way you will be able to get some ideas based on it.

Some people will like to have medium shag. Here are some of the different medium shag haircut ideas, which you can follow to make yourself completely, look different from being before.

Choppy cut

This type of haircut can be done along with the shaggy haircut this will give you a different look where in other ways this will not make you show your real age out. This type of haircut will give you a formal look where you can make use of this cut for your official purpose.

Curly cut

If you wanted to make your hair stand at your neck region then this is highly possible for people having curly hair. Cutting them with sharp ends will give you a shaggy look mainly when it comes to people having curly hair.

Wavy cut

People having this kind of hair will make use of a wavy haircut. This is highly possible for you to make your hair look shaggy and this will give you a messy good look.


After making use of these kinds of haircuts you can apply some of the highlights which will drift your hair into a different level. Mainly for the party purpose, you can get these types of highlights which have high contrast with the natural color of your hair. Any type of hair color should not be done the color that you choose should be related to your hair color.

These are some of the different types of shaggy haircuts for medium hair, which you can make use of if you feels like those that you need a shaggy hairstyle and also a haircut. Before you cut your hair you need to know that the haircut that you make will be suitable for your face or not and then you can finalize to make use of that particular type of haircut.