Class Times

Class descriptions:

General: A good introductory class to Aerial Yoga. All Levels - 75mins.
Relax: A slower class good for those working with injuries or high stress levels, or those who simply don't like rushing. All Levels - 80mins.
Beginners: Feeling a little anxious about the idea of Aerial Yoga? Try our beginners class and get used to the basics before you try the backflips. 75mins
Weekly Workshop: An extended introductory class incorporating joint freeing, dynamic postures and a long, relaxing finale. Ideal for beginners, the curious or those who already love aerial and just want a fuller experience of it - 2 hrs
Skype Classes: Got your own swing but looking for guidance in how to get the most from it - try a private home session using Skype. 60 mins
Lunchtime: A shorter class designed to refresh you in the middle of the day. All Levels - 60 mins

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Mon: 6-30pm - General Aerial (Richard)
Tue: 12-30pm - Lunchtime Aerial (Richard)
Tue: 6-15pm - Beginners Aerial (Agne)
Tue: 7-45pm - Aerial Relax (Richard)
Wed: 6-30pm - Beginners Aerial (Agne)
Thu: 6-30pm - General Aerial (Richard)
Fri: 12-30pm - Lunchtime Aerial (Richard)
Sat: 10-00am - General Aerial (Richard)
Sat: 11-30am - General Aerial (Richard)
Sun: 10-00am - General Aerial (Richard)
Sun: 11-30am - General Aerial (Richard/Agne)
Sun: 1-00pm - General Aerial (Richard)
Sun: 2-30pm - Aerial Relax (Agne)
Sun: 4-6pm - Introduction to Aerial Yoga Workshop (Richard)

Aerial Yoga @ Whitechapel Studio:

Lunchtime Aerial Yoga £10
Aerial General/Relax/Beginners/ £16
Sunday Workshop £20
Private Class (SUMMER OFFER: £40 for weekdays daytime 10am to 5pm sessions for upto 4 people)
Private Class (Weekends  - £50 for 1 person or £65 upto 5people)
Skype Classes £35 

Also in West London - (Daphne/Richard)

Please Note: 1) We operate a 48 hour cancellation policy. 2) We do not recommend coming on an empty stomach. Try to eat 2/3 hours before the class and be well hydrated to get the best experience. 3) We can only admit people 10min before the class due to the limited space.